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Awnings protect your family from the harsh Australian climate by reducing sunlight and glare on your windows.


Minimum 12 Fixing Points

Provides strong fixing and reduces rattling (Standard Automatic Awning Only)

Integrated Spline

Ensures fabric does not slip or come away from roller or bottom rail

Interchangeable Heavy Duty Spring

Provides even fabric tension with long life and reliability

Gap Reduction Clips

Available on traditional awnings, reduces standout and is ideal for high traffic areas providing safety for pedestrians and vehicles

Binding Colour & Head Box Colour Options

Wide choice of coordinating or contrasting bias trims. Vast range of colorbond head box colours available to match your home

Choice of a Wide Range of Awning Styles

Provide suitable product for all applications. There is an awning to suit every home - Traditional awnings such as automatic & fixed guide or choose from our contemporary today range including cassette sunscreens, wire guides & visionweave awnings

Large Range of Fabrics

Water resistant & sanitised canvas fabrics to protect against mould, mildew and increase fabric life. Alternatively choose acrylic or visionweave (open mesh) for a contemporary finish

Mode Privacy Fabric

The Mode Privacy range is a 1% weave meaning the weave is 1% open, providing superior protection as the Videos demonstrate.

Many other Fabric weaves are available and vary in openness while still providing good weather protection. Your choice of colour and visual properties should also be considered. Please feel free to discuss the option that best suits your requirements with a Victory in home consultation or alternatively visit a Victory showroom.

Products using this fabric include: ZipTrack, Fixed Guide and ‘Today’ Awnings plus Folding Arm Awnings.

Motorised Options

Make blind operation simple and absolutely effortless. Combined with a full range of sensors, which provide maximum effectiveness and protect your awning during inclement weather

Water Resistant and Sanitised Canvas Fabrics

Help protect against mould, mildew and increases fabric life

5 Year Warranty

Peace of mind

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